COVID Policies and Procedures

UPDATE 11/28/2020

With the changes outlined on our COVID Shutdown Changes page, some of the items below are no longer valid. In particular anything referencing transportation, chaperones, club room usage and child signout as these aspects of Cardinal Cruisers have been removed from the club for this season.

For any students that are experiencing COVID symptoms we expect you to follow this standard screening guideline to determine the correct course of action:

Due to rescrictions imposed on all winter sports by MSHL we are adopting numerous policies and procedures to ensure club is as safe as possible for our members and volunteers.

Bussing / Transportation

  • We will monitor and limit the amount of students that can take the bus from school to Powder Ridge and back to AMS. Per M&M Transportation guidelines, we are limited to:
    1. 50% capacity on the buses. That means three per row or 38 students.
    2. No eating or drinking.
    3. All riders have to be masked.
  • Since busing is one of the largest expenses the club has to pay for and that this year will incur larger busing fees we have decided to take the following actions:
    1. All package prices will increase by $25-$35.
    2. For those willing to provide their own transportation for their child to and/or from Powder Ridge a discount will be provided.
    3. Transportation will be capped at 38 for AMS and 38 for AES+AHS. Once the cap has been reached, registration will only be permitted for those who can provide their own transporation.
    4. Registrations including transportation will be first-come / first-served. If you register without transportation and wish to add it later and we are still at our transportation cap for the bus your child would ride on, your request will be denied.
  • As usual, we will take strict attendance at each bus to make sure no more than 38 students board either bus. Only those that have paid extra for the transportation cost are allowed to board.
  • We understand that AMS/AHS students are on a hybrid learning model and that approximately half of the students are not even present at the school on club days (Mondays). For those who have Distance Learning on Mondays it is ok for you to drop your child off at AMS parking lot at school dismissal time for transportation to Powder Ridge. It is preferable if you can provide your child transportation to Powder Ridge though.
  • Note that due to AMS / AHS hybrid learning, depending on transportation numbers we may decide to switch which bus goes to AHS (in the past it was the AES bus but this year it might be the AMS bus)
  • TBD - we will likely hand out lift tickets to students as they board the bus or when they arrive at Powder Ridge, this will assist in lowering the traffic in the club room.

Club Room

  • Powder Ridge will continue to allow us to use our room downstairs, but we are limited in capacity to 70 at a time. We should be ok with this as it's rare all kids are in the room at the same time.
  • Per Powder Ridge Policy: "Face coverings must be worn in all indoor spaces, except when eating or drinking"
  • We would like to limit the number of parents/chaperones in the Club Room as well, we would like to limit adults in the club room to club coordinators, Powder Ridge staff and max 1-2 chaperones please. See note below about changes to Sign Out process.

Sign Out / Pick Up

  • In prior years we had a sign-out sheet for those that pick up their kids in the downstairs Club Room. This year to keep traffic down we will ask that you call or text message one of the club coordinators and meet your child at your car.
  • If your child is showing symptoms of COVID we will send them to the Ski Patrol area and require a parent / guardian to come pick them up.


  • Powder Ridge will continue to provide cafeteria style food in the main level.
  • Chester's Lounge upstairs will have limited seating and as in years past is only available to students with an adult also present.
  • Packing your child their own supper is acceptable, students should NOT share food or drink.
  • There will be no Pizza Party this year.


  • All members will be required to have a parent/guardian sign a TBD COVID Liability Waiver prior to participating in the club this season.


  • In the event that the club is forced to cancel due to the pandemic worsening, we will refund your registration based on the percentage of club nights that were held. (e.g. if we have 3 of 6 nights you should receive a 50% refund)
  • We will likely need to also deduct a small (less than $5) credit card transaction fee.

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