About Cardinal Cruisers

Cardinal Cruisers Snowboard & Ski Club has been around for many years through parents generously volunteering their time, and giving students in the Annandale area a chance to try out this wonderful sport that many would not have the opportunity to experience otherwise. Cardinal Cruisers is offered to all children from 1st Grade to Grade 12. Many over the years will have the chance to continue to improve their skiing or snowboarding skills at Powder Ridge and other resorts throughout the world... even competitively, as well as continue to enjoy this sport for many years to come and go on to share with their future family. We are happy to share this experience with your children.

About the Coordinators

Sarah Wiles

New coordinator in 2016!

Josh Trutwin

This is my fourth year as a club coordinator. Prior to being a club coordinator I was usually at the club with my son Ben who started skiing when he was 4 years old in Colorado. When he was in Kindergarten we saw the forms for ski club so we tried it out. I was able to help out often as a chaperone and enjoy skiing with Ben. Ben is now in fourth grade and able to fend for himself on the slopes but my other boy Alex (5) has already been skiing with me and loves it so I expect they will both be members of the club for a long time. In addition to skiing (I've tried snowboarding, I'm very bad at it) I also enjoy baseball, football and fishing.

Paul Jorgenson (Retired in 2016)

This will be my second year helping with the Cardinal Cruisers. I also volunteer with the Annandale Conservation Club and Youth Trap Shooting and whatever activities will get kids away from the electronics and TV. My daughter Sara (13) and son Danny (12) look forward to every Monday at Powder Ridge skiing and spending time with their friends and meeting new ones. Neither one of them saw a ski or snowboard before they joined the club. We are lucky in Annandale to have a ski hill 15 minutes away. Hey, it's not Aspen, but it beats sitting home all winter! If you (or your son or daughter) are on the fence about Cardinal Cruisers, come join us this year!

Michelle "Shelly" Tikkanen Murray (Retired in 2014)

This will be my 5th and final year as a coordinator of the Cruisers Club. Prior to being a coordinator, I was a volunteer chaperone assisting with getting kids ready to go out on the hills and then out to the hill myself to assist with any injuries etc. My 3 kids have all been involved in the Ski/Snowboard Club. My oldest son, Tim (21) joined when he was in Middle School. Lance (16) joined at age 9 and started snowboarding in competitions at age 10. Claire (13) started at age 7 skiing and then decided she wanted to snowboard too. At age 11 she started alpine racing on the Powder Ridge D Team and will continue to do so this year as well. In my youth I was not a skier but learned to do it later in life because of my kids interest. We spend many nights/days per week at Powder Ridge and it tends to be our home away from home most winters. I currently work for Capital One as a Security Consultant. My hobbies outside of the kids are reading, hunting, fishing, and gardening. My husband, Mike, and I enjoy travelling and trying new food. Feel free to ask me any questions - maybe you'll soon be involved at Powder Ridge too. :)

How to Help

Please see the Volunteer Page for more information.